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Stirlitz Media Logger, Podcaster and Inspector

With these three Stirlitz Media products you can improve your programming, analyze your competition, improve your bottom-line, satisfy your regulator and be in full control of both your own log and those of the competition without ever having to bother your engineer. Here is how:

  • improve your programming
    • air check your DJ entries while automatically skipping music saves time
    • thanks to a seamless integration with any play-out software you can actually see the program, with song titles and different categories of programming presented in different colors on the Timeline of the Stirlitz Media Player
    • access any moment of the program with the Stirlitz Media Player either by just scrolling the Timeline or jumping to marked events or bookmarks
    • do all the above from wherever you are, as long as you have access to internet.
  • analyze your competition
    • record your competition and analyze their playlist, rotations and clocks with Stirlitz Media Inspector
    • create detailed reports (such as music and advertisement rotation analyses) for on screen usage or for download
  • create new revenue streams
    syndicate program elements. Stirlitz Media Podcaster automatically creates and uploads podcasts, merging actually broadcast audio with audio created for these Podcasts only.
  • log the program as regulations require
    whatever your regulatory body requires, Stirlitz Media Logger records for you
  • forget about files, directories and other tech stuff
    the unique intuitive graphical user interface of the Stirlitz Media Player based on a moving Timeline makes it so easy to use that even your grand mother could do your job! Once the Stirlitz Media Logger server is set up by your engineers, you basically can forget about it!

Stirlitz Media Logger

All program directors know that working with on-air talent is vital to the success of the station… But so are meetings with key-clients, quarterly reports and the next promotion campaign.Stirlitz Media Logger enables you to be prepared for the next meeting with your on-air talent, without having to hear the whole show. Thanks to the seamless integration with your station’ play-out software and the registration of ‘events’ such as ‘mike-open’ you can listen to their entries only, while seeing what went on-air in between.Do you have no time to do this in your office? Just download ‘mike-open’ only to your iPod or cellphone… or use your PDA or laptop to access your logs from wherever you have access to Internet.
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Stirlitz Media Podcaster

Let’s face it, we all want to create podcasts, but there just never seems to be the time to do it. So why wait, let Stirlitz Media Podcasterd do it for you. You once tell the system what audio from, let’s say your morning show, should be selected, and where it should be uploaded to, and SMP will create podcasts from every morning show, by itself, will attach the right metadata and will upload it without ever bothering you, your producers or your engineers again. With Stirlitz Media Podcaster you can consider it done!
Check out the Stirlitz Media Podcaster pages.

Stirlitz Media Inspector

This solution will change the way you look at your competitors. From now on you’ll never have to guess what they are doing… You’ll know! Just a few minutes after a song has aired on stations you monitor using Stirlitz Media Inspector, you’ll be able to access this information on your SMI web interface, wherever you are. You’ll not only know what they play, but also how often they play it, and how they rotate tracks. With SMI your competition has nowhere to hide!
Check out the Stirlitz Media Inspector page.

Stirlitz Media Player

If there is one thing that stops PDs from using their station logs to re-listen program bits, it is the fact that they are a pain to retrieve. Not with the Timeline based user interface Stirlitz Media Player. It does not matter where you are, at work, at home, in a hotel room or waiting for the subway. As long as you have access to Internet, you have access to your own stations audio, and that of the competition if you monitor them as well. Just open the player on your smartphone or tablet, select a station and drag the Timeline to the timeslot you are interested in. The SM Player will start playing almost immediately.
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