Stirlitz Media Inspector

SMIaudio, referred to In Latin America as “El Inspector”, is used to detect and report the play-out of music and advertisements in radio, webstream and TV broadcasts.

SMIaudio uses fingerprinting to find the play-out of pre-recorded audio (and video based on the audio). It can find audio that previously has been fingerprinted (your own music, promo/jingles and advertisement database) and, using the “auto-search” module, it can search for new music and advertisements that have not been fingerprinted yet.

We will soon add the possibility to track the use of flagged words.

Step 1: Fingerprinting your own database

Tell Inspector where the audio files are and where it can find the (artist-title-etc.) metadata. This can come from your play-out system, music scheduler, ID3 tags, XML or text files. Inspector will then process these audio files one by one, creating fingerprints with all available metadata. New files you add later on will automatically be fingerprinted.

Step 2: Search for fingerprinted audio in the logs

Inspector will search and report play-out of the audio you have fingerprinted. But there will be gaps. Either because there was no pre-recorded audio being played out (live talk for example), or because you do not have that audio in your database.

Step 3: Search the gaps for “unknown repeating audio”.

Inspector will search the gaps and will compare the audio in these gaps. When it finds audio that repeats, it will report this. Then your sales departments checks the repeating audio that is shorter than 60 seconds (commercials/promos/jingles) and your music department checks the longer results. It will take them 15 minutes a day, but they will know the day after first broadcast, what new advertisements or songs are aired on the competition!