Stirlitz Media Logger
SML updates & new features

Updates in SML 8.0 - available soon


  • new video database storage configurations - including independent storage settings for different qualities
  • additional OTT video capture options (MPEG-DASH, RTSP/RTMP)
  • multi-profile capture (MPEG-DASH, HLS)
  • more powerful and more flexible alarms
  • new video freeze and audio level alarms

In webPlayer

  • new audio exports

Updates in SML 7.10


  • support for SRT sources
  • metadata performance optimizations

Updates in SML 7.8


  • new DVB Teletext decoder and DVB Teletext support in webAPI exports
  • new access option for user groups: block access to original video

In webPlayer

  • DVB Teletext display and support in exports
  • improvements for HEVC support

Updates in SML 7.6


  • new Meta import filters
  • AD authentication improvements
  • DVB Teletext improvements

Updates in SML 7.4

In webPlayer

  • H.265 video playback in Chrome/Chromium based browsers

In webPlayer and web API

  • audio exports with transcoding
  • improved multi-segment video exports


  • performance and compatibility updates

Updates in SML 7.2


  • capture from NDI sources
  • performance and compatibility updates

Updates in SML 7.0

In webPlayer

  • updated webPlayer, including a new video playback engine, multi-video improvements and additional controls
  • new export options for video and audio
  • new metadata GUI and sources
  • RDS capture using Sonifex tuner cards
  • support for external controllers in the webPlayer, including pedals


  • new API and integration options
  • performance and compatibility updates

Updates in SML 6.8

In webPlayer

  • Updated UI with responsive design - for desktop and mobile devices
  • New metadata GUI, including text search and filters
  • Updated Ratings metadata mode
  • Playback speed control - from 50% to 250%
  • New full screen mode including calendar and playback control

Audio stations

  • Direct AES67 sources support, up to 24bit uncompressed. Support for Axia, Dante, Wheatnet and other AES67 compatible systems. No driver required. Up to 256 sources per server.
  • 24bit PCM audio support from AES67

Video stations

  • Multi-channel audio support for Decklink cards (SDI, HDMI)
  • MPEG-TS capture compatibility and performance improvements
  • New deinterlace options on export
  • DeckLink SDI/HDMI: capture of interlaced sources with GPU accelerated encoding
  • In webPlayer - calendar and playback control in full screen mode
  • In webPlayer - faster seeking
  • In webPlayer - in multi-channel view, switch Timeline preview between channels
  • In webPlayer - loudness calculator - providing LKFS level calculations of selected segments


  • compatibility and performance improvements
  • bug fixes

Updates in SML 6.6

In webPlayer

  • improved export options:
    • multi-segment export list building
    • segment selection and editing on timeline
    • segments re-ordering (drag & drop)
    • segment preview
    • on timeline: right-click selects a second, minute or hour; hold right and drag to select multiple
  • multiple video station playback
    • concurrent play/pause, move through time
    • concurrent metadata display (ratings)
    • select audio of one or multiple stations
    • concurrent select and export from multiple stations
    • display with or without CC/subtitles
  • CC/DVB subtitles display
  • EPG data display
  • improved (higher quality) AAC export
  • improved web browsers compatibility

In desktop SML Player:

  • export current video frame function

Server side:

  • webAPI for metadata access

Updates in SML 6.4

  • Improved H.265 and UHD sources support
  • playback of multiple video feeds concurrently in webPlayer
  • new metadata modes in webPlayer
  • new proxy modes and frame-accurate exports, with better quality, GPU acceleration and improved performance, new export profiles in webPlayer
  • new flexible alarms (e-mail, snmp, database, logs) with improved video freeze detection
  • AD authentication in webPlayer
  • Expanded SCTE35 presentation
  • ATSC CC support and searchable CC database
  • secondary online storage (Local or NAS/SAN - network over SMB protocol),
    now also for audio-only channels

Updates in SML 6.0

  • H.265 and UHD/4K sources support
  • new fast export modes in Player and webPlayer with recompression and GPU acceleration
  • export profiles for webPlayer
  • new H.264 server-side codecs, with GPU acceleration and improved performance
  • new metadata type - Ratings, with visual presentation
  • MPEG-TS over IP broadcast from SML, for diagnostics or re-broadcast of captured MPEG-TS
  • new keyboard shortcuts in webPlayer
  • manual calendar editing in Player and webPlayer

Updates in SML 5.8

  • PCM support in webPlayer
  • Active Directory authentication in webPlayer
  • multi server station list in webPlayer
  • station search and multi-level station list in webPlayer
  • new keyboard shortcuts in webPlayer (I and O for marking export points)
  • improved NTSC/ATSC support
  • general performance and compatibility improvements

Updates in SML 5.6

  • improved support for video in Podcaster
  • new, faster and more compatible codec for audio and video

Updates in SML 5.5

  • CPU efficient, direct audio streams capture
  • improved capture for MPEG-TS and HLS
  • display and export of multiple DVB subtitle languages at the same time
  • improved Metadata support, including updates to Audiovault OnAir and Axia GPI
  • new Podcaster with full SML 5.5 support for audio and video
  • full DVB Teletext support

Older versions

  • SML 5.5 – new features: CPU efficient, direct audio streams capture; improved capture for MPEG-TS and HLS; display and export of multiple DVB subtitle languages at the same time; improved Metadata support, including updates to Audiovault OnAir and Axia GPI; new Podcaster with full SML 5.5 support for audio and video; full DVB Teletext support
  • SML 5.0 – new features: HTML5 webPlayer (for mobile and desktop) with HTTPS support; built in multi quality proxy; direct HLS capture; RTP support; server runs as a service, optimized for cloud; automated, scripted video exports (SMP 5); new MPTS capture mode, 4:2:2 10bit H.264 Support
  • SML 4 – new features: webPlayer, direct RTSP, MPEG-TS UDP/HTTP capture, support for codecs: MPEG2, H.264, AC3, E-AC3, AAC, AAC+; recompression to H.264/AAC
  • SML 3 – new features: MPEG4 video off video capture cards (Euresys, Decklink)
  • SML 2 – audio + metadata only, with Windows installed SML Player; optional: automated, scripted audio exports (SMP), audio content detection (SMI)