IP Multiviewer
Software based video multiviewer, light and fast

Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer is a modern, light and fast software solution to display any number of channels in a mosaic on one or multiple screens - physical and virtual.

  • Runs on a standard Windows platform with NVIDIA GPUs, supports large installations with hundreds of sources
  • Supports any MPEG-TS source, SRT, HLS/DASH/RTSP/RTMP, NDI and SDI - up to 4K/UHD
  • Outputs over HDMI/DP or IP with embedded audio - including low latency browser playback, MPEG-TS, SRT and NDI
  • Visual, audible and remote alarms for all vital parameters
  • Display of subtitles, CC and SCTE35
  • Flexible display layout with visual statistics and alarms
  • Optional advanced monitoring for MPEG-TS and HLS
Designed for remote work - with full quality low-latency IP output to web browser, web management and optional cloud support.

IP Multiviewer combined with IPMV Enterprise enables broadcasters, satellite platforms and cable TV operators to create a software based Master Control Room running on Windows OS servers - standalone, virtualized or in the cloud.

Main features Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer version 5.2:

  • Software based video multiviewer, light and fast
  • Works on generic servers or PCs with NVIDIA GPUs (Quadro or GTX, starting with Pascal architecture)
  • Supports large installations - hundreds of sources with integrated single-screen monitoring and alarms
  • Native IP support, ASI supported over gateway
  • Multi display support, up to 64 HD or 16 UHD per screen, up to 6 screens per machine
  • Support for multiple virtual displays with IP output
  • Live broadcast of low-delay, full quality output streams (with embedded audio) to NDI, web browser or as MPEG-TS (H.264 or H.265) - UDP and SRT
  • 4K/UHD display support
  • Video codecs: AVC/H.2641 HEVC/H.2652, MPEG2
  • Audio codecs: AC3, AAC, AAC+, MPEG 1/2, E-AC3
  • IP Inputs: MPEG-TS over UDP/RTP/SRT
  • IP Inputs: NDI
  • IP Outputs: MPEG-TS over UDP and SRT (with embedded audio)
  • IP Outputs: directly to web browser over MSE (with embedded audio) - compatible with desktop and mobile browsers
  • IP Outputs: NDI
  • Inputs: SDI (up to 3G) and HDMI sources using DeckLink cards - up to 24 inputs per machine
  • Display of 2.0 and 5.1 audio levels/loudness
  • Audio playback with web control, including optional advanced mixing engine
  • Basic monitoring: input loss/transport degradation, basic MPEG-TS structure, video freeze or black/blue frame, audio below or above given levels, missing subtitles, missing SCTE35, PID traffic
  • TS Monitor: Advanced MPEG-TS monitoring and reporting - TR 101 290 level 1 and 2 (optional level 3)
  • HLS Monitor: Advanced HLS monitoring and reporting - all profiles: playlists verification; audio and video verification including segments structure, timecodes and codecs; delivery verification and logging
  • Alarms: visual, audible/TTS, SNMP, SMTP, logs, SQL database - with flexible conditions
  • Automatic archiving of MPEG-TS file on detected error or event
  • Display of DVB Subtitles, including concurrent display of multiple languages
  • Display of DVB Teletext Subtitles
  • Display of EIA 708 closed captions
  • Display of SCTE35 data
  • Flexible display layout with visual statistics and alarms
  • Web preview and management
  • Digital and analog clocks
  • Enterprise edition with centralized monitoring

1 AVC/H.264: hardware decoding: 4:2:0 8bit, 4:4:4 8bit; software decoding: 4:2:2 8bit, 4:2:0 10bit, 4:2:2 10bit
2 HEVC/H.265: hardware decoding: 4:2:0 8/10/12bit, 4:4:4 8/10/12bit

Available soon in Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer

  • audio forwarding to IP outputs (MPEG-TS UDP and SRT, web browser playback)
  • monitoring of audio-only sources

Planned in future releases of Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer

  • Support for SMPTE 2110 sources


Using Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer Enterprise and Stirlitz Media Logger allows broadcasters, satellite platforms and cable TV to create a tailor-made master control room based on generic servers running Windows OS.

The Stirlitz Media team has deep knowledge of IP video and audio and we use it to provide our clients with custom solutions for their projects. All our product is software-only and available for testing at no charge.

The Stirlitz Media monitoring software suite includes:

  • Logger: capture, store and access multiple video, audio and metadata sources
  • IP Multiviewer: display one to many video sources in mosaics on one or more screens
  • IP Multiviewer Enterprise: software based MCR offering comprehensive live monitoring for satellite, cable, terrestrial and OTT