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Our roots are in radio!

Stirlitz Media Logger - up to 256 audio stations on a single server, with up to 4000 days of online archive

Stirlitz Media Logger - for radio

The first generation of Stirlitz Media software was developed as early as 1999, as a project to replace a failing VCR based compliance recorder at a radio station in Warsaw, Poland. Since then it has matured into an advanced TV & radio monitoring system, trusted by TV and radio broadcasters around the world.

Radio stations, local and networks, use SML because it does everything you expect from a professional audio logger, plus:

Ease of use: authorized users have instant access to any part of the recorded logs, through a very easy to use, Timeline based, Player. Wherever they are and on any device.

Metadata: the SML Player shows volume history (see silences), playout system as-run log (see what was played) and GPI events (mike open/close)

Content re-purpose: automated through Podcaster (see below) or manual through very user friendly Player.

Content identifcation: detect the play-out of commercials and music in the audio of your own stations (commercial play-out verifcation) and in the audio of your competitors (requires Inspector).

Stirlitz Media Logger for radio:

  • updated CPU efficient, direct audio streams capture
  • up to 256 audio stations on a single server
  • online storage up to 4000 days
  • support for secondary network storage folder
  • alarms: new flexible rules for e-mail, SNMP, logs, database alarms
  • Improved capture for OTT video streams
  • Active Directory authentication in both Players
  • in Podcaster (automated, scripted exports):
    • next to audio, now also video exports
    • improved metadata exports

Stirlitz Media Podcaster

The Podcaster can select, export, code and upload any repetitive item in your radio or TV broadcast, based on scripts using metadata the SML server registered from your play-out system and console.

You can have your latest news, weather, traffic, celebrity column or sports report on your website and mobile app, just minutes after the broadcast ended. Fully automated, together with the appropriate html/xml fles, iTunes-ready if you want. SMP takes away the boring work, leaving more time for creative Podcasts!

Use Stirlitz Media Podcaster to podcast your: news, weather, business news, traffic info, morning show, celebrity interviews, etc.

The Stirlitz Media monitoring software suite includes:

  • Logger: capture, store and access multiple video, audio and metadata sources
  • IP Multiviewer: display one to many video sources in mosaics on one or more screens
  • IP Multiviewer Enterprise: software based MCR offering comprehensive live monitoring for satellite, cable, terrestrial and OTT

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