Stirlitz Media – solutions

Log multiple channels of video, audio and metadata

The basis of all our solutions is the best, and most versatile, media logging software ever: the Stirlitz Media Logger server (SML). Easy to configure, flexible and rock-solid. SML captures MPEG-TS UDP/RTP/HTTP, HLS, RTSP direct and any other source, including SDI, HDMI, CVBS, DVB–S/S2/T/C, ISDB, ATSC and ASI through encoder/receivers or Blackmagic Decklink. Audio over IP is captured direct, or through drivers and Stirlitz Media virtual sound cards. Other audio is captured through multi-channel sound cards or tuner cards. SML captures embedded metadata direct and external metadata from time-coded text- or xml files, from databases, GPIO devices or RDS streams. Start with 1 channel audio on a regular, single core PC, or record all transponders of a satellite TV platform on virtualized servers. You name it, SML logs it.

Access your logged video and audio anywhere

There are many professional logging solutions out there, but none that make it so easy to access your recorded media anywhere, anytime and virtually on any device. You’ll never have to worry about where the media is stored, how large the files are, whether you will need media from multiple files. All you see in the SML Player are the stations that have been recorded. When you select one, you’ll see the recorded video or audio in a Timeline, together with the metadata (if any) and you can move around in time by simply dragging the bars of the Timeline.
Anyone can do it. And you can do it on your PC, Mac and iOS & Android devices!

Display all channels in a mosaic on one or more screens

The IP Multiviewer is software based, light and fast. It works on generic hardware with Windows OS and NVIDIA GPU. Native IP support, ASI supported over gateway and it displays Up to 16 HD per screen, or up to 30 SD per screen.

Monitor all vital parameters of MPEG-TS

The software based MPEG-TS Monitor offers, among others, comprehensive MPEG-TS monitoring, standalone or integrated into SML or IP Multiviewer. It includes Full DVB streams support; monitoring of all parameters specified in TR 101 290 with 3 levels of errors priority; and monitoring of metadata delivery – including DVB subtitles and SCTE35. Combined with the Stirlitz Media Logger and Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer it allows broadcasters, satellite platforms and cable TV operators to create a custom-built master control room based on generic servers running Windows OS.

Podcast – automated, scripted exports of selections of the recorded video and audio

One of the main issues with websites and mobile apps is that you need to update the media, all the time. Much of this can be automated, using the Stirlitz Media Podcaster.
The Podcaster can select, code and upload any repetitive item in your broadcast, based on a script using the metadata the SML server has logged from your play-out system or console. You can have your latest news, weather, traffic, celebrity column or sports report on your website and mobile app, just minutes after the broadcast ended. Fully automated, together with the appropriate html/xml files.

Analyze your competition – monitor whole markets

Record the stations with SML and search the recorded media for the play-out of advertisements, music, promotions using Stirlitz Media Inspector. Broadcasters use it to spy on their competition, monitoring companies use it to check the advertisement and/or music play-out on radio and tv stations and internet streams.

Verify your advertisement play-out

Many broadcasters in markets without an established advertisement monitoring system have problems convincing advertisers their ads actually ran. This can be history. SML logs your own audio/video off air, Inspector searches for the advertisements in the recorded audio and reports only those ads that actually aired. Customized reports give every advertiser or agency a detection list of their ads, with links to the actual audio/video.

In the lab – customized applications

All Stirlitz Media software is developed in-house, by a dedicated team with deep knowledge of broadcast IP, focusing on MPEG-TS. Having complete control over how IP data is processed within our systems, we can include support for custom data and workflows and can therefore develop solutions that exactly meet your requirements.

The possibilities are endless, our lab is flexible, and our solutions are reliable.