Welcome to Stirlitz Media

Stirlitz Media provides modern, fast and flexible software solutions for broadcasters, satellite platforms, government agencies, media monitoring companies, and everybody who wants to capture, store or analyze broadcast (or monitoring quality) video, audio, and associated metadata; and access it from anywhere through a user-friendly Player that runs on workstations and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Our software is designed to work on your hardware, it is configurable to match your systems and workflow. You can run it on dedicated hardware, virtualize it or run it in the cloud. It is fully scalable, meeting the requirements of both a small broadcaster, as well as a satellite TV platform. Delivered systems range from single channel loggers to monitoring systems recording 400 TV stations in a single location.

The Stirlitz Media team has deep knowledge of IP video and audio and we use it to provide our clients with custom solutions for their projects. All our product is software-only and available for testing at no charge.

Solutions for broadcast and IP TV

Solutions for media monitoring

Solutions for radio

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