Stirlitz Media demo servers

Don’t take our word for it…

Contact us (or your local dealer) to receive the download details for the fully functional Stirlitz Media Logger test server that you can install in your own office. After you have applied for and received the temporary licence file you will be able to do exactly the same as you would with the commercial release of Stirlitz Media Logger… until the test licence expires.

When you are interested in Stirlitz Media Inspector we suggest you contact us (or your local dealer) first for a personal demonstration. It will give you a better insight in the possibilities of this program and will allow us to show you exactly those parts of this versatile and powerful software that are of interest to you.

Be warned though, experience has shown that trying is buying!

  • Have a look at the product presentation (high resolution / low resolution) and see in 10 minutes all aspects of Stirlitz Media Logger and Stirlitz Media Inspector
  • Contact us (or your local dealer) for additional information and a personal demonstration of either Stirlitz Media Logger or Stirlitz Media Inspector and the download details for the fully functional SML test server.