SML the long read

We take logging seriously.

Stirlitz Media Logger is everything you can expect of a professional audio/video logger. It records multiple incoming audio and/or video streams, from any source (your own production console, or analog, digital, terrestrial or satellite and even Internet streams) for as long as you want, in the bitrates you need, even in multiple different bitrates per incoming stream. It warns you by sms, SNMP or email when a signal falls silent and it fully integrates with your play-out software.

But Stirlitz Media Logger is so much more. It is the most user friendly logging system on the market. SML users can forget about files, directories and calendars. The unique ‘Timeline based‘ user interface makes accessing logs from different hours, days, months or years as easy as tuning an old FM radio! Just drag the Timeline to where you want to be and hit ‘Play’.

The SM Player with the unique Timeline based navigator. In this shot the SML user is listening to logged audio just seconds after it has been recorded. The top bar in the Timeline, for seconds, is growing with the ‘incoming audio’.

The Stirlitz Media Logger also logs up to 64 video channels on one PC. You can instantaneously watch all video archives of all SML servers your SML Player has access to, regardless of where these servers are located. You can add as many servers to the SML Player as needed. All the user will see in his SML Players a list of available audio and video channels, alphabetically or grouped per server, and the video of those channels in the Timeline and dock-able screen. As always with Stirlitz Media, there are no folders, no filenames… just the Timeline with screenshot thumbnails of what has been recorded. You can combine the logs with (searchable) metadata from any source, add and share bookmarks, move through the whole depth of the archive, export the video with a simple click of the mouse.

Here’s a screenshot of the SML Player with video:

The SML Player showing a videoframe every second and a floating video screen. Note the structure of the Timeline, top bar seconds, below that minutes, hours, days and months. The vertical red line in the middle is playing now, the bars move from right to left with the time and can also each be dragged to another time. Playing will start instantaneously.

When applied in a radio station, the Stirlitz Media Logger fully integrates with the play-out software and registers hardware based events (such as ‘mike open’, or ‘start cart’) it also stores all attached meta-data. So you can jump from DJ entry to DJ entry skipping the music, jump from one commercial block to the next, or only monitor what jingles have been used. You even see these different categories on your screen, together with the attached meta-data!

The same Player, but now with station integration

The SML Player also displays the audio volume…

(For more detailed information about the SM Player, click here)

Add-ons turn Stirlitz Media Logger into a professional podcaster or monitoring device!

With the Stirlitz Media Podcaster you can re-package your broadcast audio, mix it with audio specially created for broadcasts and create and upload daily Podcasts without ever having to touch a button. And if you ever wondered how your competitors rotate music, the Stirlitz Media Inspector add-on will tell you exactly that, and much more.

No proprietary hardware required

Stirlitz Media Logger does not need proprietary hardware, it works with Windows compatible soundcards (hardware or virtual) and integrates with every available playout software available on the market. It automatically archives your audio in different audio qualities and keeps those files as long as you have indicated, or moves it to other drives, network or FTP locations.

Stirlitz Media Logger even warns you by email and sms when for some reason it stops receiving audio.

And although you can browse the logs from your company network and from wherever you have access to internet, you still maintain full control over who can access what.

Stirlitz Media Logger is the ultimate solution for:

  • capturing, analyzing and archiving audio and video streams from virtually any source (PAL, NTSC, Secam, FM, AM, DVB, DAB, DAB+, DMB, HDRadio, internet, satellite etc.)
  • long and short term audio and video archiving
  • checking your own program and to monitor competition
  • air-checking your talent, or self-checking for talent
  • fast and easy access to your and your competitors archives, from wherever you are
  • syndicating and podcasting your audio
  • analyzing your competitor playlists, recreating their clocks and track song/commercial airplay with Stirlitz Media Inspector

Check out the SML specifications and the extra possibilities Stirlitz Media Inspector gives you.

Don’t take our word for it…

Install the free and fully functional demo SML server. Contact us for download and installation instructions.