SML Player

You will never want to use another logging user interface

Why SML is better:

The SML Player sets SML apart from the competition:
  • It is Timeline based, so there are no folders, no filenames, just a clock and a Timeline you can drag to the month, day, hour, minute and second you are looking for.
  • You actually can see the length of the archive and you can see it grow with the recording.
  • You can access the audio and video just seconds after recording and jump back to the beginning of the archive with one click. The SML Player will start playing the audio & video immediately.
  • The registered metadata is displayed in text-lines and color codes under the Timeline and in color-codes in the Timeline. If you have access to your minute-by-minute PPM ratings you can even display them!
  • You can add bookmarks allowing sharing and one-click retrieval of marked audio/video and you can export a day, an hour minute or second with one click only. It is so simple that the telephone operator at the front desk can do it.
  • Check the loudness levels and flag EBU R128 (and others shortly) regulation breaches.
  • The SML Player comes in two versions: a dedicated one for Windows and a web based Player for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, OS X and Linux.
SML Player showing: loudness in the Timeline, DVB subtitles in the preview screen, unicode text in the metadata box, audio-language selector.

SML Player showing: loudness in the Timeline, DVB subtitles in the preview screen, unicode text in the metadata box, audio-language selector.

Visualise play-out system metadata in the SML Player



  1. Access all logged stations from the stations list.
  2. Fast links to pre-configured stations
  3. The unique timeline based navigator. Just drag the month, day, hour, minute or second line to the audio you want to hear, or use the keyboard shortcuts. With ‘event logging’ you see when the mike was open and with OnAir Integration you even see all metadata from the play-out system… categories such as ‘music’, ‘mike open’, ‘jingles’, ‘commercials’ and songtitles.
  4. Simple playback controls.
  5. Jump to any stored audio using the calendar control.
  6. Metadata from the play-out system are imported in the Logger and displayed in the Timeline and as text lines. Audio can be accessed or selected from there as well.
  7. Insert, categorize and jump to bookmarks allows for even easier navigation.
  8. Export to File. Regions defined by the Mark In and Mark Out buttons can be exported to individual files. Regions can be exported either in their original format, or as PCM audio.

Visualise PPM audience ratings in the SML Player!

The SML Player displays the minute by minute PPM audience ratings for your own station, or the competition…


  • The red line represents the PPM ratings (we used fake data)
  • Actual numbers are presented in a seperate box (right-top, after show)
  • Instant comparison of the rating-numbers for the ‘current’ audio and where the cursor hovers.

Visualise volume in the Timeline

The SML Player displays volume in the Timeline… showing mistakes and system hick-ups.


  • The darker blue in the Timeline is volume…
  • Dead audio becomes VERY visible (see minutes 1, 2 and 3)
  • System hick-ups becomes VERY visible (see the recording break, mid-December)

Try the Stirlitz Media – Player yourself!

Contact us to receive the download link for the SML Player.