Log audio, video & metadata: Stirlitz Media Logger

The worlds most versatile and user friendly media logger.

  • Multi-channel audio and video logger software
  • Recording at multiple bitrates
  • Records any source, including web- and satellite streams
  • Remote and instant access to logged audio and video through Internet
  • SML Player for Windows and web based Player for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux.
  • Audio: up to 24 SML Players can connect simultaneously (Enterprise edition, hundreds)
  • Video: up to 12 SML Players can connect simultaneously (Enterprise edition, dozens)
  • No storage limits
  • Freeze-frame and silence detection
  • Bookmark audio and video for instant retrieval
  • One-click export
  • Rock-solid (unless YOU pull the plug)
  • Logs & displays metadata from any play-out system
  • Logs & displays GPI events from console
  • Logs & displays volume
  • Logs & displays RDS data
  • Displays PPM ratings in Timeline (when available)
  • Automated warning system for dead audio and disk space running low

Podcast: Stirlitz Media Podcaster

Automated podcasts – consider it done!

  • Automated, script based, creation of podcasts
  • Multiple scripts per source-station
  • Script wizard
  • Based on Stirlitz Media Logger archives, your play-out system meta-data and logged GPI events
  • Combine audio from broadcast with audio created for the podcast only
  • Generates and uploads html/xml files with audio descriptions
  • Automated upload to one or multiple servers
  • Automated failure warning by SMS and/or email

Recognize & Analyze: Stirlitz Media Inspector

Inspect the music and ad rotation of any station – YOU are in control!

  • Inspect any FM or AM, satellite or internet, analog or digital, radio station
  • Inspect any terrestrial, satellite, cable, analog or digital TV station
  • Inspect, one or multiple or hundreds of stations
  • Inspect one market, or 200 markets, SMI is fully scalable
  • Monitor music and advertisement airplay
  • Analyze playlists
  • Recreate rotation schedules
  • One-click access to audio-logs
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Customized to YOUR needs