Stirlitz Media software is brought to you by empeg.pl

The people behind Warsaw based empeg.pl developed their first software audio logger as early as 1998. By 2005 virtually all major Polish commercial stations and public networks had switched to Stirlitz Logger. In that year Broadcast Electronics Internationalintegrated the logger into their AudioVault system, branded as AV Logger.

In 2006 empeg.pl started building an international distribution network and renamed the logger Stirlitz Media Logger, reflecting the ambition to go beyond audio logging. In 2006 at the IBC in Amsterdam, empeg.pl introduced Stirlitz Media Inspector. SMI uses the in-house developed ‘Advanced Media Fingerprinting‘ technology to analyze radio stations audio output by monitoring and identifying songs, advertisements and jingles.

Early 2007 empeg.pl introduced a new add-on to SML, the Stirlitz Media Podcaster, automatically creating, coding and uploading multiple podcasts based on SML logs and other local audio.

During the IBC 2009, empeg.pl introduced the long awaited Stirlitz Media Logger – video, or SMLvideo. The first release logs up to 16 TV/video channels and makes the video and audio available through the same SML Player as used to access logged audio. The first 16-channel SMLvideo server was sold before we even released the Beta version!

Stirlitz Media software is used in over 20 countries by regulating bodies, leading networks and local stations.

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Greg Posiadlo
Stirlitz Media (empeg.pl)