Welcome to Stirlitz Media

Our solutions are used by broadcasters, media authorities, media monitoring companies, press agencies, meeting and convention centers, judicial institutions and any other organization that wants to:
- record audio and video
- combine that with multiple layers of metadata
- give selected users access through LAN and Internet
- give the audience direct access to your archives

The multiple layers of searchable metadata enhance the value and usability of the recorded media. Application possibilities are endless.

Outside the USA we also offer content and compliance monitoring solutions, including audio and video fingerprinting, product placement tracking in video and product endorsement and key-word tracking in audio.

Stirlitz Media software is used in Europe, Asia, Africa, North & Central America and Australasia.

Stirlitz Media Files

Developed for judicial institutions, training centers, convention centers corporate meetings etc. For this non-linear, file based media- and metadata recording and retrieval solution, check our separate Stirlitz Media Files site.